ElectroniSounds Reason Groove Factory Vol.1 REASON

[Reason’s Native .Rns Format] | 100MB

Welcome Reason-freaks, remix-addicts, groove-slicers and sampleheadz! You’ve just found the Reason music production factory of your dreams!

Reason Groove factory Vol.1 contains FIFTY all-new, all-original “grooves” for you to sequence into your own original music!

Imagine the ability to load any of FIFTY “song-starting” grooves and get your own unique tracks started INSTANTLY! We’ve produced grooves in a wide variety of genres here, from super-dubby trance and spaced out trip hop, to nu-skool breaks, elektro and everything in-between.

NOTE: Reason Groove Factory 1 also contains soundtrack production grooves! Perfect for your next movie, tv, home movie or video game production.

Served up for you in Reason’s native .rns format, these grooves can be loaded directly into your Reason software (version 2.5 or later) and easily customized into your own unique mixes/songs. There are no “individual” samples in the Reason Groove Factory — these are ready-to-go Reason format grooves only.

Like a grooves’ bassline, but not into the drums? Delete the drum track(s) and program your own drumtrack or add your own drumloop(s). Love the drums but not into the melodic parts? Delete them and do your OWN thing! These grooves are essential to any Reason producer’s prodcution tools and will allow you to create professional quality music faster than you can imagine!

To create these grooves, we used the vast electronisounds catalog of [wav format] samples and sound fx — as well as [rex2 format] loops. Reason’s interal synths and FX were also used throughout. The result is such an impressive variety of song-starting grooves that you’ll be sure to keep using ‘the factory’ as an inspirational starting point for your music for YEARS to come!

We’re confident that you will enjoy creating your own original music with these new grooves.


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