Drama In The Drum Circle WAV

09 February 2020 | 421 MB

You’ve put together the perfect track, adding beautiful melodies, insane sound effects, and a bass line that is beyond infectious. As you listen back again however, you realize something is clearly missing from the project. Something which is quite important to completing the project. You’ve forgotten the percussion! Don’t stress, friends. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. We proudly present ‘Drama In The Drum Circle.’ An extremely diverse collection of percussive elements curated through live percussionists and classic hardware programming alike. It’s a diverse drum collection which appeals to rhythm hunters in all styles, genres and shapes within our incredibly colorful dance music rainbow. From the dread-locked hippies inside the warehouse parties, to sunset parties on the beach demanding the hypnotic drums to welcome the night (and light their tiki torches).

The universal appeal is an open door to rhythmic perfection. ‘Drama In The Drum Circle’ is a product designed to help techno producers infiltrate the drum circles and add a human touch to their mechanical sounds and deep house idealists who simply need to add just a little more movement to the smooth music. ‘Drama In The Drum Circle’ is useful for any music maker seeking that steady lovable rhythm to rest comfortably within their music, regardless of genre, style or idea. Loops and loops and loops of incredible drum arrangements at your fingertips.

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