Downtempo Trap for Beginners TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 20 2020 | 180 MB

Production wiz Josh Bess delivers an in-depth Downtempo Trap production video tutorial series! See and hear how to make your first beat in this trending genre, including sound design, editing, mixing and mastering for a polished, professional sounding track. These videos are designed for beginner producers looking to make their first Downtempo Trap beat. Course extras to create your own music and follow along with this course are included!

A basic understanding of music production in the Live 10 Arrangement View is recommended to get the most out of this course, but you can also apply this info to any DAW, so everyone can learn and benefit from the instruction. To start, Josh welcomes you and shows you how to start your track off with a recorded piano part, perfect for the genre.

Next, you’ll learn how to layer an 808 bass sound with the piano part and arrange them for a solid harmonic foundation, and then add kicks, snares and hats to complete the classic trap beat groove. Josh also shows you how to create and add in transitions with a reverse snare sound to make going into the different parts of the song more seamless.

Sound design is next, and you’ll discover how to morph the tone of the piano with high pass filter automation, as well as manage your tracks by freezing and flattening them in your DAW. The rest of the videos are all about mixing and mastering, and Josh shows you volume and track leveling basics, using track compression, buss dynamics, frequency spectrum and imaging plug-ins for mastering, automation and more.

To see what these detailed Downtempo Trap production tutorials show you, and how you can easily create your first Downtempo Trap beat, see the individual Downtempo Trap video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get trapped in the wonders of the Downtempo Trap genre… Watch “Downtempo Trap for Beginners” today!

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