7 June 2020 | 1.3 GB

Hey there, I’m Eyal Levi and I’m the Co-Founder of URM Academy, as well as a producer, educator and musician.

I’m known for my work with bands like Chelsea Grin, Monuments, The Black Dahlia Murder and more. You may also know me from the hundreds of hours worth of audio education videos I’ve released over the past few years.

I’ll get straight to it, out of all the possible effects I could pick, Delay has got to be my favorite.

There’s so much you can do with it. Everything from smoothing out choppy tracks, to creating out of this world textures and atmospheres. It’s both a utility tool and a sonic paintbrush.

In this Fast Track I’m going to show you how to easily understand delay, all its parameters, and how to use it in various situations and on various sound sources.

I’m excited to get started sharing how I approach one of my favorite audio effects

Let’s get started!

Eyal Levi
URM Academy

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3 Comments on “Delay TUTORiAL”

  1. Hey, I just love your work. I just love this website, also I’ve recommended it to all my friends 🙃.
    I’ve a request please add “production music live beginner bundle” and “production music live beginner to intermediate course” please please please. It is my request. You can’t imagine how happy I would be if you add that. Please bro, just add it. 🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you

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    1. we have some production music live tutorial in our site
      and we are suggested to you to check in it if you find some you like
      and we will also publish more in the future .

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      1. Yes I did check them out. But I suggest you to upload them as well. Cause I really need them. Thanks for your work and I appreciate that.♥️

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