David Glenn Mixing Pop Ballads TUTORiAL

David Glenn Mixing Pop Ballads TUTORiAL

30 May 2018 | 1.22 GB

Mixing Pop Ballads takes you from start to finish through American Idol finalist, Jeremy Rosado’s song “Save Me”. You’ll learn tips, techniques and strategies to take your mixes from dry and dull to polished and professional. The multitracks are included so you can follow along and mix the song for yourself. You’ll also get a license to use your own version on your resume or website for promotion.

The most important instrument in most genres. Want to sit your vocals on top so the message is loud and clear? Learn to use compression, EQ, saturation and more to achieve a professional vocal sound for your mixes.

Learn to take an average or even subpar drum kit to the next level and give your mixes the punch and shine that they deserve. From the kick to the room mics, together, we’re going to step up your drum mixing!

Want a big bottom end? Follow me as I take you step by step in achieving a full and fitting low end. You’ll learn to feel out the “right” amount of bass and get your kick and bass guitar playing great together.

Learn how to EQ layered guitars, create separation between doubled parts, and how to balance the different tones to create an awesome sounding mix.

Learn to use modulation, delay, and reverb like a pro. We’ll stack multiple effects, layer combinations of plugins and use several techniques to make the vocals and other elements become larger than life.

Learn how to glue a mix with EQ, saturation, and compression. Your mixes will come together faster with some easy to implement moves on the stereo buss.


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