David Glenn Mixing Gospel TUTORiAL

David Glenn Mixing Gospel TUTORiAL

30 May 2018 | 4.01 GB

Tight & Punchy Drums · Clear & Present Vocals · Big Bottom End
Acoustic & Electric Guitars · Keys, Synth, Aux · Creating the Live Feel & So Much More!

Mixing Gospel is full of tips, techniques and strategies to take your mixes from dry and dull to polished and professional.

The most important element in most genres. Want your vocals to cut through and sit on top so the message is loud and clear? Learn to use compression, EQ, saturation and more to get a professional vocal sound for your mix.

Learn how to take an average or even sub-par drum kit to the next level and give your mixes the punch and shine they deserve. From kick drums to room mics, together, we’re going to step up your drum mixes!

Want a huge bottom end? Follow me as I take you step by step in achieving a full and fitting low end. You’ll learn to feel out the “right” amount of bass and get your kick and bass guitar playing great together.

A critical element to a great Gospel mix is getting your background vocals to sit just right relative to the lead vocal. We’ll show you how to perfectly balance them depending on their role in the mix.

I’ll teach you how to take DI guitars and turn them into legendary tones. No DI? No problem! We’ll work through what we’re given so your mixes stand out.

Gospel wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful keys and layers. Learn how to fit all of the sounds together so that they’re heard but not distracting. Getting these layers right is a crucial part of a great Gospel mix!

As you can see below, Mixing Gospel is PACKED full of content to help you deliver amazing results to your current or future clients.

BONUS #1: Multitracks to not one, but two Gospel songs.
Included with all of my courses are the individual multitracks so you can follow along and mix the song for yourself. Also included is a license to use the song on your resume or website to help grow your studio business.

BONUS #2: Inside Mastering Bonus Video
Discover some of the most used techniques in mastering and learn how to apply them to your mixes and productions.


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