Complete Video Game Music Composition & Music Theory Secrets TUTORiAL

complete video game music composition tutorial

Complete Video Game Music Composition TUTORiAL

Language: English + Subs | Duration: 12h 25m | 7.30GB

Learn video game music composition techniques to compose music for any type of video game: Use psychological tricks!

What you’ll learn:
Psychological music theory secrets to manipulate players into feeling specific emotions
The game composer’s job, mindset, and approach to composing for games
How the orchestra works, and how to set up a virtual orchestra in your DAW
Compositional guidelines for writing melodies, basslines, harmonies, chords, and rhythms
How to score for emotion, setting, and mood/atmosphere
Game-specific compositions like stingers, main titles, pause menus, multiplayer menus, character music, etc.
How to ensure your music is immersive and doesn’t become distracting at any point
How adaptive music works, and which audio-integration techniques game developers may ask you to compose for
How to compose for various genres of video game, including Linear, Non-Linear, and Interactive
Essential techniques to mix and master orchestral music, and get your music sounding balanced, wide, and professional
Exporting the files, and what audio format game developers are looking for


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