Cloudmax v1.0.0 Regged (WiN and macOS)-R2R


Cloudmax v1.0.0 Regged (WiN macOS)

Team R2R | 2023.09.18 | 23.4 MB/97.5 MB

Experience a world of sonic textures with the Cloudmax Texture Resonator. Equipped with multiple effect modules that can turn any sound source into a soft, lush soundscape or ethereal sound effect in no time.

A Symphony of DSPs
Inspired by famous shimmering, reverb, granular, and harmonizer units, Cloudmax seamlessly integrates 5 DSP modules into one unique plugin. These modules include a dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter, and EQ module, forming the pillars of your creative canvas.

Dual Granular Engine: The Heart of Texture
Enter the universe of textures with the dual granular engine. Shift the octave pitch of the two granular engines relative to each other to impart shimmering effects, emulate vintage string machines, or spawn an array of intricate, complex textures.

Algorithmic Reverb: Enter the blackhole
Add depth and dimension to your sounds with reverb. This module features a high-quality algorithmic reverb, a delay line, and subtle vintage tape pitch emulation. You can create environments ranging from the intimacy of a small room to cavernous spaces with up to 16 seconds of reverb tails.

Sound Shaping
Refine your sound with the built-in ladder low-pass and high-pass filters, as well as an additional low and high boost EQ. Tailor your textures to harmonize flawlessly within your mix.

Cloudmax Summary
110+ Factory presets
5 studio-grade DSP modules: dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter, and EQ
Streamlined, MIDI-learnable set of controls
Easy-to-use GUI with 2 skins (light and dark)
Our Smart Randomizer technology, including:
Random Texture
Random Reverb


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