CineToms v1.0 MULTiFORMAT


We hired a professional percussionist to bring his best drums to a great sounding recording studio. In the large room, we strategically placed several microphones around his drums, close mics, overhead mics, and hall mics. We recorded each drum – literally hundreds of hits, left , right and dual-handed, each at many dynamic levels. The brush hits have an especially unique sound. At each step, the technical quality was given the utmost consideration. From microphones and pre-amps to A/D converters, we chose the highest quality components.
After recording, we chose the best sounding hits at each dynamic level from each drum. Through much trial and error, we created the most ideal combination of the microphones, which gives the CineToms samples a sonic shape that works beautifully within any mix.”

•12″ Drum
•12″ Drum (High Tuning)
•13″ Drum 1
•13″ Drum 2
•14″ Drum
•15″ Drum 1
•15″ Drum 2
•16″ Drum With Brushes
•Super Toms

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