Chord Playing: Chord Switching Tips, Tricks & Exercises PDF


Chord Tips, Tricks & Exercises PDF

English | 200 pages | 2017 | PDF | 8 MB

In Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing – Chord Switching Tips, Tricks & Exercises, you’ll learn the essential skills required to master the most frequently used guitar chords.

Discover important lessons and exercises to play faster precise sounding chords and an improved 3-way visual chord learning system with tests to help remember chords by shape.

Inside you’ll find the essential chords to play thousands of songs, simplified easy to play chords for beginners, another 35 of the most commonly used chords, 16 sharp and flat chords, 8 main types of barre chords, and rock power chords. More than just another book full of chords:

•12 Tips, tricks, and exercises to improve your chord switching
•Step by step chord switching exercises excellent for beginners and all levels
•45 of the most useful chord progressions in pop, rock, folk, and blues.
•7 Barre chord tips with strengthening exercises
•Master the fingerboard with unique triangle patterns and diagrams
•Key and capo charts to transpose from key to key
•You’ll also find a variety of strumming and fingerstyle patterns, ten classic practice songs with notes and tablature in two keys, plus how to read and improve your rhythm.

Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing is perfect those wanting to advance from their current level. If you want to become a better guitar player this book is for you!


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