Cakewalk Tube Leveler x64

Cakewalk Tube Leveler x64 | 4.60 Mb

The TL-64 Tube Leveler plug-in is a preamp/processor that employs advanced analog vacuum-tube circuit modeling, which allows you to apply ultra-high-quality analog warmth and saturation to tracks and mixes.

TL-64 Tube Leveler provides complete models of entire vacuum-tube circuits. Under the hood are dynamic, virtual vacuum-tubes that mimic the “animated” nature of their real, analog counterpart as they respond to different input audio.

The result is the coveted warm, lively and realistic analog sound of classic vacuum-tube processors and amplifiers.

Digital audio recordings can sometimes sound sterile and lifeless. Use TL-64 Tube Leveler to add just the right amount of warm tube saturation to individual tracks or full mixes.

Just copy the folder to your vst plugin folder

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