bxo9 (retail) au vst [win osx] decibel


DECiBEL | 07 Mar 2021 | 8.49 GB

The BXO9 plugin is a workhorse plugin with over 100 playable HQ instruments ranging from 808s, Bass, Ambience, Makeshifts, Plucks, Pads and more.

I bet at this point you’re probably thinking to yourself “great another rompler plugin” but I will explain and let you hear why the BXO9 is different.

BXO9 offers a range of hand made craft sounds that have that realistic organic sound to them so when you are playing, you can hear and feel the vibrations, sparking those creative juices. With BXO9 you can select one sound, so for example I have selected a string sound from the strings category, I can now utilize the layer channels to sculpt and layer the selected sound into something completely different. The layer-able layers offer percussive elements with great play ability and harmonic values. These 4 layers consist of metallic, wooden, glass, and hit like textures that allow the user to sculpt a new sound from the selected sound. Even the 808s come with 4 layer-able 808’s that you can layer over the selected 808. I am confident you will enjoy using the BXO9 and use it time and time again. Check out the beat making video where I cook up a sick beat using the BXO9. You’re going to need this plugin.

Windows Mac Compatible.
Compatible With Most DAWs (Excluding Pro Tools).
Zipped File Size: 8.49GB.
Unzipped File Size: 16.7GB.
113 HQ Instruments.
4 Layers To Layer Over Selected Sound.
10-808S W/4 808 Layers.
10-Ambience W/4 Layers.
10-Bass W/4 Layers.
10-Bells W/4 Layers.
3-Brass W/4 Layers.
5-FX W/4 Layers.
10-Keys W/4 Layers.
5-Leads W/4 Layers.
10-Makeshifts W/4 Layers.
10-Misc W/4 Layers.
10-Pads W/4 Layers.
10-Plucks W/4 Layers.
10-Strings W/4 Layers.


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