Become a Violin Master from Scratch TUTORiAL

Become a Violin Master from Scratch TUTORiAL

Beginner Violin Course from Scratch TUTORiAL

P2P | 28 .01.2021 | 6.86 GB

What you’ll learn
How to hold the Violin
How to hold the bow
How to play the bow on the violin
How to use their left hand fingers on the violin
How to read music
How to tune the violin
How to play open strings
How to play simple songs (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
How to play Stacatto
How to play Legato
How to manage your bow
How to play louder or softer using the weight on the bow
How to play beginner level songs
How to play more complicated songs
How to perform a pizzicato
How to play accents
How to count the rhythm
How to perform an upbeat
How to perform dynamics in songs
How to perform rit. and a tempo
How to perform vibrato
How to perform songs close to the intermediate level (Gavotte)
How to tune (advanced version)
How to use the metronome beats for practicing more effectively
How to find sheet music online

No experience required, all the required material are covered in the course
In this course we will learn to play violin from the ground up. We cover everything from how to hold the violin and the bow, how to read music, and all the essential music theory material that you need to know; meanwhile we start working on beginner violin songs together, which include easy violin songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and we slowly tackle more complicated songs as we grow into playing the violin over the span of the course.

Our aim is to enable you to teach yourself violin and turn you from a novice into someone that can play a violin with ease, with the ability to read notes, perform a variety of specialized techniques on the violin, and play songs on the cusp of the intermediate level.

I’ve been teaching how to play a violin for beginners over the span of the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, the material covered in this course is what I teach my own students over their first year or two of private lessons with me; the same material that has helped them flourish in the subject and slowly but surely become a violin master. And of course, all of that material is here, available to you anytime, anywhere…

The question of how to learn violin by yourself has been circulating in online violin communities for years. Many enthusiasts have been looking for an affordable option that provides a comprehensive violin tutorial, specifically starting with violin songs for beginners. As a result, we made sure to create a course that takes the students by the hand and walks them step by step through the material, starting with easy songs to play on violin, then providing the best beginners violin training as far as techniques, theory, and training regiments covered, in order to propel the student into taking on tougher and tougher music for violin with relative ease. Excerpts such as easy violin sheet music have also been included in the course to provide the best possible learning experience for the student; as well as that, violin notes chart figures have also been used in order to provide clear communication in some of the instructional and tutorial videos.

Become a Violin Master from Scratch

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