Beat Workzone English Edition 02.2021 PDF-DECiBEL


Beat Workzone 02.2021 PDF

DECiBEL | 29 Aug 2021 | 26.5 MB

Roland Juno-60 emulation Syntronik J-60 comes with BEAT WORKZONE 2/21
Fat synth, fat filters, fat sound. Nevertheless, the J-60 is not just a clone of the analog classic Roland Juno-60, but has the original, in addition to the numerous filter models and a powerful sequencer, with which the finest grooves can be conjured.

Also on board: Wicked semi-modular synth u-he Beatzille
With Beatzille, the modern semi-modular concept of the synthesizer comes to the studio for free. The basis is a subtractive architecture with numerous sophisticated modulation features. You can patch virtual “cables” to your heart’s content and dive into unexplored sound depths. Two words: Awesome Thing!

Headphone Mixing Guide: Is that even possible?
Not every producer has enough space in the studio to place speakers. Besides, even the best wiretap is useless if the room acoustics are not right. So, why not mix with headphones? We’ll give you tips and show you what you need to consider and which models are suitable.

Physical modelling construction kit: Modelonia 2 LE included
A physical modelling synthesizer whose strength lies in the combination of opposing sound generation methods. The triggers Pick, Noise and Lips meet the resonators String and Horn. In interaction, heretofore unheard sounds are created that enrich every track and make it unmistakable.

Hands-on: Your first stream – The easy way to ad-free podcasts
Podcasts are on everyone’s lips, and not just in the music business. Even TV stations now offer their programs on-demand, so that broadcasts no longer have to be watched at a certain time of day. But how is a podcast created, how does it land online and how does the potential audience find out about it? We’ll explain the necessary steps to publish a DJ Mix.


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