BEAT Magazine Issue 206 March 2023 PDF


BEAT Magazine March 2023

English | 84 pages | PDF | 50.9 MB

Correct monitoring, perfect mixes: 31 Monitor reviewed in BEAT 03/23
We have never had a more comprehensive special on the subject of active speakers: we examine almost every active box available and present it with strengths, weaknesses and suitability. In recent months, many manufacturers have surprised us with new concepts, technical innovations and great sound. So it‘s time to pick out the best of them, so you can find the right monitor for you and your studio and take your sound to the next level.

For free: 18 Memorymoog oscillators with Syntronik Memory-V – worth 49 Euro
Back in 1982, a real dream came true for many synth fans: a 6-voice analog synth with the legendary Moog sound. Syntronik Memory-V now brings the iconic sounds of the Memorymoog to your DAW. As expected, the plug-in inspires with the finest sounds for Techno, House, Trance & more, especially when all 18 oscillators of the Memorymoog sound at the same time!

Hands-on: Bring Xfer Serum into your Digitakt
The fact that you can use the Digitakt as a synthesizer thanks to the factory waveforms is already old news. But this is far from the end, because the sampler can also load Wavetables and, therefore, mutate into a Waldorf Blofeld or Xfer Serum… at least as a light version. So fire up the box and we‘ll show you how to bring maximum entertainment into your tracks with minimal sounds.

Test: Korg Drumlogue – Drum synth with sample import
As with Minilogue XD and Prologue, Korg combines analog sound production with a digital multi-engine that can be fed with different algorithms. In addition to the 4 analog parts and the multi-engine, there are 6 more tracks that you can load samples into. How the drum machine performs in practice, you will find out in our test.

54 Retro Sounds and M400 Leads for Zampler & Your MPC
Admittedly: At first glance, the idea of a 770 MB Mellotron soundbank doesn‘t sound very exciting – at least until you‘ve heard the first sounds. This Zampler library is your personal Mellotron Orchestra and contains not only the typical M400 strings and choirs, but a complete setup with brass, guitars, pianos and basses. Lovingly prepared, refined in House style and ready to play for the sampler of your choice.

Tricks & knowledge for your daily studio routine
BEAT brings you 84 pages of hardware and software reviews, interviews & studio reports, workshops for Cubase, Logic, Live, FL Studio, Reason, MPC, Bitwig and Studio One, as well as tricks for djaying and live performances. Plus 16 GB of software, sounds and samples.


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