Aurora FM v1.4.0 WIN-R2R

Aurora FM v0.26.2 Incl Keygen-R2R

Aurora FM v1.4.0 WIN

Team R2R | 15 Apr 2022 | x64: 1.2MB | x86: 1.1MB

Aurora FM
Modern 6-operator pure FM synthesizer with advanced modulation

6-operator, 32-algorithm advanced FM synthesizer with 8 sine-based waveforms, 30 voices, deep modulation, effects (overdrive, chorus, delay, reverb), and performance features
Single-screen, everything-visible, non-skeuomorphic UI with controls designed for efficient mouse interaction and visual feedback; no hidden parameters, tabs, menu-diving, etc.
DPI-aware and custom scaling from 50-150%
Much more than a mere DX7 emulation – Aurora FM translates Yamaha DX7/21/27/100/11 & TX81Z patches but is a superior, semi-modular, flexible, highly-usable modern instrument for musicians and synthesists
100% original SSE-optimized C++ code (no SynthEdit, no VSTGUI, no 3rd party libraries), high-resolution sine generators, and full-rate sample-accurate modulation combine for a great sound
Inspired by modulation monsters like the Alesis Ion and Waldorf Q


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