Ask Video Antelope Audio 101 The Vintage EQs TUTORiAL

Ask Video Antelope Audio 101 The Vintage EQs TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | May 25 2018 | 105 MB

Antelope’s vintage EQs are authentic emulations of the most sought-after hardware EQ units in the world. See them all in action in this course by mix engineer and audio production expert Alex Solano.

Thanks to their Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, Antelope’s hardware-based effects gives you access to accurate models of some of the most sought-after vintage EQs without even taxing your computer CPU. In this course, you get an in-depth tour of all the Antelope vintage EQs, with lots of real-world musical examples.

First, Alex takes a look at the classic Pultec EQs, showing how to bring to life a drum performance using the VEQ1A and VMEQ5. He also shows how to clean up a keyboard part using the VEQHLF to make it sit better in the mix. The SSL models are next… Alex explains the difference between the brown, orange, black, and pink versions of the VEQ-4K, and he demonstrates them on drums and bass.

Next, you get an overview of the vintage Neve EQs, and you see them in action on acoustic guitars and bass. The Studer EQ Models are then used to great effect on a beautiful cello performance, as well as on an orchestral track and a strumming acoustic guitar performance. Continuing with the course, you’ll also get an overview Neumann EQ Models, the API EQs, and more…

So join audio expert Alex Solano in this course, and see what Antelope Audio FPGA FX can do for your mixes!

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