Analog Signature Plug-Ins v5.13 VST RTAS AU Ked MAC-DDP

DDP | MAC | 15 MB

The Analog Signature Pack is a collection of 3 professional quality Plug-ins processors.
The Bundle includes: Limiting Amplifier LM-662, Program Equalizer EQP-4, and the Studio
Channel SC-226. Features a Channel Strip, EQ and Limiter built to be a new classics by
adding that vintage warmth and realism to the most demanding studio tracks.

The LM-662 Dual Limiting Amplifier is a recreation of the classic Fairchild 660 limiter. When
using the LM-662, music and instruments reacts the same as a Fairchild 660 does. The No-
mad Factory LM-662 Dual Limiting Amplifier is built to be a new classic by adding that
vintage warmth and realism to the most demanding studio tracks.

– Useful as a limiter or a compressor depending on the program material and control settings
– Exceptional tone and musical focus
– Dual channel (dual mono) – A/B with individual controls
– Extremely fast attack time with variable release time from .3 seconds to 10 seconds

The Program Equalizer EQP-4 is a full range stereo channel unit, featuring low and high cut,
low and high frequency boost and attenuation (shelving or peaking) as well as two overlap-
ping bands of equalization. The simple beauty of these EQs is nothing else than amazing!.
Intended to recreates the warmth of classic analog hardware equalizers, the Program
Equalizer EQP-4 will add that magic touch to your music.

The Studio Channel SC-226 is a stereo channel recording plug-in, featuring four band
equalizer, an analog “signature” optical compressor and at the heart of the shelving and
bell filters, a tube simulator and Brick-Wall peak limiter designed to reproduce the warmth
of vintage recordings with unrivaled quality and realism.

Analog Signature Pack
Record, Mix, and Master
– ASP Limiting Amplifier LM-662
– ASP Program Equalizer EQP-4
– ASP Studio Channel SC-226

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