AkousKontr Upright Bass MULTIFORMAT

MULTIFORMAT | Size: 58.35 MB

Formats: ASPlayer, KONTAKT, EXS24, SFZ

* The AkousKontr is a four strings Upright bass recorded at 24 bits 44.1 khz both from the pickup and with an electro-static microphone.

* 779 Mo (1710 samples) sample library, no loops

* Sustain samples: 5 different velocities per note and 2 round robins separated in microphone and pickup samples.

* Release samples: about 13 different velocities per note.

* Hammer-on samples easily triggered with the keyboard thanks to the advanced scripting

* Advanced Vibrato effect controlled via modulation wheel

* Multiple slides effects

* Harmonics, ghost notes, string hits samples

* Percussion samples

* KONTAKT 2, 3 and 4 format only, it uses a lot of script for hammers, slides, mixing, release level. Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

Default interface:

– Play mode: You can choose the play mode on the kontakt interface: normal, legato, hammer, slide or slide vel (see the mapping section and listen to the audio examples on the website, they use a lot of hammers and slides).

– Monophonic: This mode will limit the polyphony to a single note but not in a traditionnal way. It will simulate the way of playing of a real bass, for example if you play a C2 and then a C#2, no releases sample should be played and the two note can not be played at the same time, but if you play a C2 and then a F2, the release sample is played as you need to remove your finger from the C2 before playing the F2. This is exactly what monophonic does and it works with the sustain pedal too to make it easyer.

– Release: defines the volume of the release samples.

– Sensitivity: defines the volume of the release samples.

– Microphone: This is the Microphone section. You can change the volume and the pan of the Microphone samples to make your own mix.

– Pickup: This is the Pickup section. You can change the volume and the pan of the Pickup samples to make your own mix.

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