ADSR Sounds Reverb For Electronic Producers A Practical Guide TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 22 2015 | 800 MB

Learn practical and creative tips and techniques for using reverb today.

Reverb is one of those tools that separates the men from the boys. To walk the line between adding a natural sense of space and having listeners feel like they’re being assaulted with a stereo pad you need both creativity and control.

If you want to understand how the pro’s use reverb to make a mix sound seamless, you’ve come to the right place. This course will show you exactly why, when and how to add reverb to make your audio elements sound like they were made for each other and make certain they are in the right space for your track!

This comprehensive course gives you professional, practical tuition without having to leave your home studio.

In this practical guide you will gain an understanding of how and when to add reverb to various audio elements and learn clever, creative techniques that you can start applying to your mixes straight away.

The course covers all the essentials you’ll need to use reverb effectively to make your tracks stand out. From basic features including shape, decay, diffusion, early reflections, damping and dry/wet; to creatively applying reverb to vocals and drum sounds; how to create spot fills and other fill elements; plus lots of practical techniques and best practice tips that will keep your use of reverb sounding professional.

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