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08 March 2019 | 658 MB

Straight out of the box, Novation’s Launchkey MIDI controller offers smart and creative shortcuts to producing and performing, particularly if you’re using Ableton Live.

Discover what Launchkey can do for you and how to do it in this 6-part course with experienced tutor and producer TAETRO. Whether you’re a producer, a performer, beginner or a more experienced artist, get going with Novation Launchkey today!


In this course TAETRO delivers a comprehensive overview of the functionality of the Launchkey MIDI keyboard controller in a way that is accessible to beginners but valuable to seasoned artists.

The course gives you an overview of how the Launchkey functions with Ableton Live and outlines specific use cases for producers as well as performers.


Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction introduce you to classic techniques and technical insights
•6 walkthrough videos each providing a mandatory lesson on getting the most out of the Novation Launchkey MIDI keyboard controller.
•Total runtime 80 minutes
•Practical instruction by an experienced tutor
•Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons


Unboxing, Setup, & Ableton Overview

•Unboxing the device, outlining the contents and their purpose.
•Basic Ableton Live preference setting guide, with an overview of how to navigate around Live with the device. Also will overview the basic functions of the Launchkey 49 – clip launching, note playing, drum rack, mixer, etc.

Basic Keyboarding

•An overview of basic keyboarding. Understanding scales, triads, and basic music theory

Composition & Workflow

•An overview of how to use the Launchkey 49 during the process of making a track. Utilizing transport, session clips, mixer, and macro controls.

Performance Workflow & Clip Launching

•A full breakdown for understanding the concepts of clips, scenes and launching using the Launchkey. Utilizing Launch Modes

Hybrid Live Performance Setup & Custom Mapping

•Combining the concepts of Keyboarding, Clip Launching, Composition, and Workflow to create a dynamic live performance using the Launchpad Pro
•How to custom map the device to different functions to enhance workflow and performance.

Groovebox App

•How to connect the Launchkey to an iPad in order to use the Groovebox app. A basic overview of functionality and how to use the Launchkey in conjunction with the Groovebox app.

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