Ableton Live 10 and 11 Quick Start Guide TUTORiAL

ableton live 10 quick start guide tutorial

Ableton Live Quick Start Guide TUTORiAL

P2P | 21 February 2021 | 2.75 GB

This course it the ultimate quick-start guide to learning Ableton 10/11. If you’re looking to download the software and start making music immediately this course is for you. However, this course is by no means comprehensive. Ableton is massive and there are so many things to learn, but the goal with this course is to only go over the essential tools to get you making music as quickly as possible. My hope is that this sparks some curiosity in you so that you can learn what suits your needs once you understand everything that we cover in this course.

I have been making music since I was a child (to my parents despair hehe). My music has been featured on some of the most prominent music publications and I have been tutoring in music production on and off for about 7 years now.

Below are some humble brags listed from students of mine via my tutoring profile:

It was a super fun lesson. Pedraum was patient and took time to go over questions. He gives you homework to work on the things discussed during the lesson and sends along recordings of our zoom sessions for reference. It’s helpful and the lessons are thoughtful and well structured. Highly recommend !


Pedraum is super knowledgeable, fantastic at teaching, and patient. He has helped me get started with learning music production, and whereas I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, in a just a few lessons with Pedraum, I already feel like I can actually get the hang of it. Whatever your goals are, Pedraum can definitely help you get there and I highly recommend him.


What you’ll learn:

•How to navigate thru Ableton seamlessly (Arrangement and Session View)
•The principles of Sound Design and Synthesis
•Learn about Ableton’s Instruments and Audio Effects
•Learn how to use Mixing v.s Creative Effects
•Lean all about making Drums!
•Learn how to DJ in Session View with Ableton!
•Learn about MAX for Live (extends the function of Ableton)
•Learn about Automation (no it won’t take your job but it will help you make music)
•Learn about how to Select good samples (very important in my opinion)
•Learn Workflow Improvement tips, Essential Hotkeys, and Hidden Features of Ableton

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