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A hand-picked collection of modal licks that you must know

Modes. Erudite jazzers swear by them and can bend your ear for hours about why the Mixolydian b6 fifth mode of the C ascending melodic minor scale will cure all that ails your improvisations. Bluesmen and rockers would likely pronounce that they “don’t need no stinkin’ modes.” Granted, there’s a vast range of opinions related to the use of modes but everyone seems to agree two things; 1) If you play any form of Western music, you’re playing modes whether you know it or not; 2) With just a little modal know-how, you can achieve big breakthroughs in your understanding of harmony and ability to improvise over chord changes.

Robbie Calvo’s 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know is much more than a vocabulary of killer modal licks to call on when playing over any of the tonalities that you’ll encounter in pop, rock, blues, country and yes, even jazz. Robbie digs deeper by explaining how the modal line relates to the underlying harmony — the tonality –of the progression being played by the rhythm section.

Ever get stuck trying to figure out how to solo over a chord progression other than the good old 1-4-5? Work through these 50 modal tutorials and you’ll never be at a loss again. Understanding the prevailing tonality of that progression and the resolution points that you should be targeting with your lines is what 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know is all about.

Robbie will step you through all seven modes. Each mode features two progressions, two rhythm tracks and seven modal licks. Robbie will first dissect the progressions to help you learn how to identify the tonal centers. He will then perform the modal line over the track and then break it down for you note-by-note, resolution point-by-resolution point. Along the way, you’ll learn how to craft motifs, develop your musicality, create compelling melodies, work with triads and even how to superimpose modes for dramatic effect.

To mode or not to mode, that is no longer the question. How deep you want to get into modes is up to you, but you can bet your bottom dollar that even a little modal knowledge will make you a lot more dangerous on that fretboard. And we’ll bet that you will majorly like what you see and hear in 50 Modal Licks You MUST Know.

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